Sunday, October 25, 2009


we talked/learned more about faith today at Sunday school today... faith is defined as believing in God even though we can't see Him or talk to Him face to face... however, every where I look throughout a day, I see evidence of God... I have talked to Him, I have felt His touch. Every time I look at my children ( well, not Every time but most), I see God. Every night as I look out the window and see the sunset, I see God. Times when life makes me want to curl up into a ball, I feel God give me comfort and peace and wrap His loving arms around me. How can you doubt? Still people do.

Deep thought Sunday by Kristine Bents ...

evidence: can't you imagine God just letting a small portion of His light shining out... we couldn't take it all.
speaking of evidence... you know Halloween is around the corner when you see Wolverine doing his homework...
have a wonderful week, take time and look for evidence of our awesome God! -K