Sunday, December 28, 2008

Merry Christmas - one more time

We finally got to have our church Christmas program today. It was canceled last week due to weather and the week before the practice was canceled also because of weather. So it seemed like forever ago that we were preparing for our program. The kids did an amazing job and we are so blessed with the families that go to our church, especially one lady in particular. Her kids are all grown up but she is still involved and does most everything. We would be lost without her...
Anyway, I thought we needed a family picture since we were all dressed up. Unfortunately, we don't seem very photo-genic today :) The sun was bright, it was cold, kids get impatient, etc etc. (honestly, I hate pictures of myself, I always try to cover myself up with the kids!) We did get 2 pics, not professional looking by any means but realistic enough! That Walker, he has got the smile down pat!
I also got to finish a scrapbook page I was working on for the Splitcoast Unity Sketch challenge. It was a card sketch but I used it for a layout sketch as I need to scrapbook a bit more than make cards lately!

Products used: several Unity stamps, some awesome BG and sassafras papers, puff paint, Thickers etc

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

keepin' my focus...

I have been working steadily at keeping my focus on the "Christ" in Christmas. At times I get a little panic attack rising and I feel the pressure of the holidays creeping up. I went Christmas shopping and felt the financial strain, a burden, and I became disappointed - in myself. I Love Christmas, this wasn't how I wanted to feel nor how God intended me (us) to feel. So I sat, I pondered, I immersed myself in God's word, I thought and then I listened. Focus on the "Christ" of Christmas... that is what I heard. With that as my focus, peace came like a blessing and here I am, a day before Christmas - at peace. I could list a bunch of things happening but really none of that matters except it is the day before Christmas! I am so excited. I took some of the financial burden off by making some gifts. I always feel like people may not appreciate hand made gifts but I enjoy making and giving them and they are heartfelt so I figure they are all right :) I also spent some time in the PRESENTation of the gifts while others I simply wrapped. you take some and you give some... anyway, here are some of the creations and packaging I had a blast making...

I made these for a teacher gift and girl gift for my dd's class (cute template I had found a while back...)

This is actually for a friend and I can't show you what is inside yet... I will though, after I give it to her. I got these cigar boxes from a lady who works at a liquor store. I spray painted and decoated. They work great for gifts!
remember these pillow boxes? Another template I found in my papers I have kept through the years... these hold ornaments for my Sunday School kids(Unity stamps)
I made two of these bags with treats in them for the kids' Sunday School teachers. I love decorating brown bags, it is simple and fast. (another Unity stamp!)
here is another cigar box decorated up for my cousin's little girl. I filled it with all things a princess would need: a ring (candy), a necklace (candy), bracelet - real!, and some yummies to help her through her day! I know her folks will appreciate all the sugar!
thanks so much for checking it out. I wish you all a Merry Christmas and that your focus stays on the "Christ" in Christmas...
many blessings - K

Monday, December 15, 2008

snow day!

Lovin' winter! Our first snow day today of this school year... however, now that I work at the school I also know that we will more than likely have to make it up and it will come from one of our few "normally" scheduled days off. BUT - I will enjoy it today! Hot chocolate, movies, and oh yeah! - some scrapping/crafting time. (don't worry, I am not neglecting my daily chores, I am doing laundry - the kids, well, there are those leftovers to tide them over :) )

Here are a couple of items I worked on yesterday...
(products used: BG paper, Cuttlebug embossing folder, Unity stamps - Baby Jesus and the journaling tab on the scrapbook page)
I have been working on, or at least getting ready to, some Christmas presents and I came across this story our Pastor read a while ago at church. It is called, "My heart, Christ's Home." It is awesome, it talks about a man inviting Jesus into his heart and how he brings Jesus throughout his "home" which includes the library (our mind), the dining room (our appetites and desires), and so on... (If you want a copy of it, email me and I will send it to you).
My favorite part, or a part that resonates hugely with me is when they go to the man's workroom. Jesus looks at what the man has created with all his tools and the man admit's he hasn't done much but he would like to do more. He then goes on to say he doens't have the strength of skill to do better. (here comes my favorite part...:) )
"Would you like to do better?" He (Jesus) asked. "Certainly," I replied. "All right. Let me have your hands. Now relax in me and let my Spirit work through you. I know that you are unskilled, clumsy and awkward, but the Holy Spirit is the Master Workman, and if He controls your hands and your heart, He will work through you." Stepping around behind me and putting His strong hands under mine, He held the tools in His skilled fingers and began to work through me. The more I relaxed and trusted Him, the more He was able to do with my life.
That to me is the perfect description of what I want every time I go to craft and create. No wonder I feel such a peace and satisfaction when I craft, my Lord, is there beside me, guiding me and helping me. I always knew this in my heart but I had a hard time explaining to my husband just how crafting makes me feel, this does it - most perfectly.
Have a most wonderful day! - K
Today's scripture:
John 14:23
Jesus replied, "If anyone loves me, he my teaching. My Father will love him, and we will come to him and make our home with him."

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

house update

Just thought I would post some pics of the house project and how it is coming along...

safety first here at the Bents' an open view in our living room;

the view from our "upstairs"

The contractors were here last Monday through Wednesday and built the frame of our second floor and sheeted it. We were going to shingle this past weekend but Mr Weather changed our minds on that one (thank goodness!) We had been living in the garage starting Monday but moved back into the house this past Saturday. It was cozy and warm in the garage and worked out well but it is nice to be back in the house even with the unfinished walls, tarps hanging down and a very, very cold upstairs (we have it blocked off for now). The kids did get to go "upstairs" and try and envision where their rooms will be. That seem to make all this chaos and mess we call construction a little more worth it to them. Kids need that visual. Nick is of course working like a madman, last week he had off and worked here, trying to keep ahead of the contractors with the wiring, insulation and so on, this week he is back to his normal job during the day and construction man by night. He (we) are also so thankful his dad is his right hand man and has been a tremendous help. There is nothing like family. I mean that, seriously. They were up here last weekend helping tearing off the roof so the contractors would be ready to roll come that Monday. Like I said, there is nothing like family. Of course friends come in close as there were a couple of those too and we couldn't have done without them! The house is a work in progress, I am not sure the kids understand that it will take a while... I have been doing better than I thought through all the mess and unorganization, I can only say it is because the grace of God.

this will be the boy's room

after day 2 of the contractors - wow!

Plus, I did take a few moments to myself and do some scrap pages :)

(supplies include some great patterned paper, Unity stamps and more!)

Thought this verse went well along with all that is going on in our life...

"As for me and my household, we will serve the Lord." Joshua 24:15

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Can you believe it has been almost a month? Can you believe Thanksgiving is in 2 days? Can you believe we will be tearing off our roof in 5 days?! Yikes! We Bents' like to live on the edge I tell you. We have been busy demolishing our house in hopes to improve it in the end. I have been busy with school, craft shows and well, life in general. I do have to tell you about a book I did manage to "squeeze" in to read. ( Well, I always make time for books). It is called "The Shack" and if you are looking for a thought provoking, "make you think" kind of book, this is definetly the one. Seriously, go and check it out. You can find out more at I don't want to give too much away but it is about a man whose daughter is abducted. 3 years later he goes to get the mail and finds a letter in his mailbox from God to come and visit Him at the shack where they had found evidence of his daughter's brutal murder... this book "wrestles with the timeless question: Where is God in a world so filled with unspeakable pain?" It really is good. Trust me :)
I have been hoping to find some time to get some new jewelry done and in my Etsy but that may have to wait a wee bit longer as with our house project and holidays coming, time is a rare commodity. I will leave you with a montage of pictures of my life as of late. Hopefully, my next post will be sooner rather than later. I pray you all have a blessed Thanksgiving - God is good! -K

1. some thank you cards sent to all those who helped with the front of the house (I will have to do another batch of those after this weekend!) 2. our kitchen view - very open :) 3. ripping out the kitchen window and door 4. part of my folks booth for craft shows, displaying my canvases of course ;) 5. Tyler and Buddy 6. our new windows, some light finally after having all plywood along the front for a few days 7. did I mention we have kittens (again) if anyone would like 1 or 6? Please... 8. my live, love, laugh canvas 9. small 6x6 canvas 10. Walker at a play we went to for a school field trip 12. Mallory and her new hair cut 13. miracles canvas - see I really do work! 13. a freezing day trying to Tyvek the house and keep us a bit warmer - hopefully this coming weekend the weather cooperates a bit more!
"Christ is able to keep you from stumbling, and to present you faultless before the presence of His glory." Jude 24

Monday, October 20, 2008

warning - lots to catch up on ...

So it's been about 2 weeks or so since my last post, call it lazy, busy, life or whatcha want but I am here now :) First things first....

Happy Birthday to my sweet 5 year old! five - gasp! that is my youngest and he is 5. He doesn't need to hold his fingers up anymore when people ask how old he is. He can just tell them he's 5 now instead. That is what he informed me of earlier today. So wise... can't you just see the wisdom oozing out of that crazy, sweet, grin of his?
I finally got to create a bit this weekend. Not as much as I intended due to not feeling so well, but that's another story. I was planning on making some birthday gifts for my mom and grandma but only got these two cards done. One for each ? (j/k I ended up picking them something up on the way to the party, so organized :( ) Their birthday was Friday.
I also created these beads. These are the first of these of which I plan to create tons more and hopefully incorporate them into my jewelry as I think they are fun and fresh.

Also, been getting ready for shows, and shows, and shows... canvases, earrings, watches etc... it has been busy but worth it.
MEA weekend flew by... a visit to amazin farms with my kiddos, mom and my nieces was super fun. The animals are always fun to see along with their giant slide and maze. Plus, we were blessed with an awesome day too.

So there is my life in a quick (super quick) summary. But what a life it is...
I will leave you with this... K
"These things I have spoken to you, that My joy may remain in you, and that your joy may be full." John 15:11

Monday, October 6, 2008

Love and marriage

My dear husband and I went on a date yesterday. We dropped the kids off at the in-laws (I am so blessed with awesome in-laws!!!) and headed to town to catch the latest movie from Sherwood church. If you have never seen their first movie "Facing the Giants" go out and rent it right now. I don't mean to sound pushy - but really - go now, you can read the rest later :)Although the acting isn't 5 stars the message is above and beyond - quite literally. It is a Christian based film and the message is ... (searching for the right word....) just wonderful. Why did I digress to talk about that first movie? Well, because we went to see their second movie, "Fireproof." So on your way to rent "Facing the Giants" stop at the movie theater and watch this first, or second, either way it's all good. Whether your marriage is in peril or honeymoon bliss, this movie is a must have. It is so good to go to a movie without all that "junk" - take that to mean whatever you like. There are so many messages, words of advice, sound advice at that, to take and ponder. That is what I have been doing since viewing it yesterday. For instance, did you know you should study your spouse ? Forever. While your dating you earn your High School diploma with your knowledge of your spouse. Often times, after marriage we quit school though and don't continue to study. However, you should go on to get your Bachelor Degree, on to your Master's and eventually your doctorate degree. How great is that? Plus, who doesn't like to study something (someone) your in love with? That is just one tidbit from the movie, there are many more so I won't go blow the whole thing for you. Plus, it has humor, surprise, love and of course God's message - what so many are lacking these days but so desperately seeking. People are looking all over for their life's purpose, for peace, for joy and so on... they dive into the latest crazes, the latest Oprah's life changing book, when all the while it is right there - in the Bible all dusty on the shelf, the church around the corner or in that friend who's eyes are lit up always because of their faith in Jesus. This movie has Truth in it with a capital T. Watch it, share it and most definetly think about it. The acting isn't 5 star, but man, you get lost in the story. Trust me... go see it.

- K

Sunday, September 28, 2008


I just have to admit that I am a book junkie. Once my head gets stuck in one it isn't coming out until I am all done. It does terrible things to my mothering abilities, my housework, my time for creative play, etc... not to mention my husband thinks it is nuts, doesn't get it, and wishes I would come up for air and help him out once in a while. I can't help it though, I keep saying one more chapter, and 4 chapters late I think, well, I am almost half-way I might as well keep going. Then I think, well, half-way I might as well read it all. Supper? um... leftovers? oh, yeah, we had those for lunch... um... how about a pizza?
One of my favorite authors is Karen Kingsbury. She is truly gifted and uses her gift from God to bring Him glory. Her books are tear jerkers but speak so much Truth in them. I have favorite lines from all of her books. Trust me, try out one of her books, you won't regret it. I finished the last one of a series yesterday. (to tell, you the truth, I also started it yesterday :) ). Anyway, she had a line in there that stuck with me... "all of this and Heaven too." Doesn't that just speak volumes? I look around and see all that we have, all that I have. So much, so so so much and just think, at the end of all of this, Heaven is waiting for me. I think I often forget, or just don't give thought to, that my life here is short. Sure, I should enjoy all of the blessings I have and live each day to the fullest but don't you think my main purpose is to make sure that others will know they can have "all this and Heaven too?"
- K

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Are you ready for some football?

One weekend a month, 2 weeks a month and sometimes more, we get to say goodbye to Nick. Nick has been in the Air National Guard for over 10 years. It can be hard and frustrating not having him around, especially when the kids were young. Plus, it seemed every weekend he had guards it would never fail to have one of the kids wake up at 2 in the morning sick with the next kid following soon after. Never failed, I could almost count on it. Seriously. However, sometimes having Nick being in the guards isn't so bad. Take for instance this weekend. We recieved 6 free tickets to the MN Gopher vs Montana State football game at the Dome. We even all received free t-shirts made especially for guard members and their families. Since we had 6 tickets and only have 5 members in our family, Nick invited his dad to join us. There is nothing like watching football, live at the Dome. Plus, it helps when they win! I totally enjoyed it. The kids did well the first half but were tiring out by the 3rd quarter. What an experience though. At half time the marching band marched out each of the military emblems, they did a special tribute to the military, a military man sang "Proud to be an American" and it was just a great experience for the kids to realize what a great man their dad is and how he serves his country - and to get recognized for it. So here is to all the great military men and woman - and to the Gophers for winning! (I would have added the Vikings too but they didn't pull out a win this weekend :( )
enjoy your week!!- K