Tuesday, December 23, 2008

keepin' my focus...

I have been working steadily at keeping my focus on the "Christ" in Christmas. At times I get a little panic attack rising and I feel the pressure of the holidays creeping up. I went Christmas shopping and felt the financial strain, a burden, and I became disappointed - in myself. I Love Christmas, this wasn't how I wanted to feel nor how God intended me (us) to feel. So I sat, I pondered, I immersed myself in God's word, I thought and then I listened. Focus on the "Christ" of Christmas... that is what I heard. With that as my focus, peace came like a blessing and here I am, a day before Christmas - at peace. I could list a bunch of things happening but really none of that matters except it is the day before Christmas! I am so excited. I took some of the financial burden off by making some gifts. I always feel like people may not appreciate hand made gifts but I enjoy making and giving them and they are heartfelt so I figure they are all right :) I also spent some time in the PRESENTation of the gifts while others I simply wrapped. you take some and you give some... anyway, here are some of the creations and packaging I had a blast making...

I made these for a teacher gift and girl gift for my dd's class (cute template I had found a while back...)

This is actually for a friend and I can't show you what is inside yet... I will though, after I give it to her. I got these cigar boxes from a lady who works at a liquor store. I spray painted and decoated. They work great for gifts!
remember these pillow boxes? Another template I found in my papers I have kept through the years... these hold ornaments for my Sunday School kids(Unity stamps)
I made two of these bags with treats in them for the kids' Sunday School teachers. I love decorating brown bags, it is simple and fast. (another Unity stamp!)
here is another cigar box decorated up for my cousin's little girl. I filled it with all things a princess would need: a ring (candy), a necklace (candy), bracelet - real!, and some yummies to help her through her day! I know her folks will appreciate all the sugar!
thanks so much for checking it out. I wish you all a Merry Christmas and that your focus stays on the "Christ" in Christmas...
many blessings - K

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