Sunday, June 29, 2008

Weekend "work"

I managed to get a few creations done this weekend and some organizing. I felt so lazy though all weekend that I wasn't too inspired or wanting to do much, which somehow makes me feel worse. Can't win being a female with hormones.

I received my new Unity Stamps and decided to try and figure out a way to organize the unmounted ones. A way which will work for me. Meaning, that I will want to play out and stamp with, that can be in my sight but not in my way, and easy to use and put away. We will see how this works. I had a 6x6 album and cut some transparencies to mount my stamps on. I also mounted the stamp sheets on cardstock to add those to the album so I can readily see what I have to work with. The album I kept simple. That was my gameplan all weekend :) Just added an Unity wood tag, ribbon and glitter paint. Easy peasy - thank you very much.
here are my results.

I also did some creations as I mentioned using the new Tiny Trinity and Fantastical Florals set. Fun, fun, fun! but I can't seem to upload them right. They upload rotated around, can anyone help me here? They are correct on my computer but somewhere in between the downloading process things go all amuck! I am so not computer saavy.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Hit with Frugal Inspiration...

I have been wanting to spend time stamping, scrapping, crafting etc... but just couldn't get into the groove ... until tonight that is. ( I should be getting the kiddos into bed but they can wait, plus they think I am super mom for letting them stay up late :)

Anyway, I digress. I was looking at my Unity wood tags that come with the stamp sets and was wondering if Angela would like them back and maybe save a few bucks to reuse... and then it HIT me. I will alter them! Yes!! I love when inspiration hits, now a million ideas are rushing through my head and my inner drive is at high speed. Can't stop to put those kids to bed yet!

Can't you just imagine what you can do with these? Door hangers, quotes for decor (thinking of you there Angela since you love quotes) etc etc....

Off to get the kids to bed and then sneak back to my crafting unless my dh catches me first... then I will have to find my drive tomorrow - hopefully.

TFL! ~Kristine

Thursday, June 26, 2008


I watched the kids yesterday... just sat and watched, thinking back to "when I was their age"... (I know, I am really sounding older than I am, I have always been so mature ;P)

Anyway, I was thinking back of growing up on a farm, with some close neighbors (about 1 mile away) that we occassionally played with but for the most part we had to entertain ourselves. We only had 1, maybe 2, channels on a clear day on our big TV set on the floor, we did have a sprinkler and a small kiddo pool to cool off in. We had some great imaginations though. Not saying my kids don't have imaginations b/c they really do and they can get along great on some days... but they have a lake to swim in everyday. They have neighbors (that are VERY close) every weekend and some weekdays to play with. They do get more than 1-2 channels but we don't watch much TV in the summer. Some nights to unwind but for the most part it is fairly limited. Our kids have sooo much. I hope we teach them to be grateful and not take it for granted. (without sounding like a broken record :) )


Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Chunky jewels and paper cake

It has been a while... that will probably be "said" again :).

Anyway, getting ready for my dd's big birthday bash, she is turning 9! Yikes. We have the menu figured out, the invites out, pinata ready, and I finally finished the party favor boxes. She will be packing them with some cheap goodies :). I sound organized but really it is my dd, she is so excited and busy making plans and keeping me on track. Here are some pics of the party favors. They are pieces of cake, if you can't tell, and when all together make one cute round cake. They actually didn't take too long, probably 2 hours once I got the hang of one.

Also, I just ordered some new beads so I was busy creating some new "Chunky" (hence, the title :) ) necklaces. Haven't yet decided if I am keeping them all or selling them :) I usually order beads I like and ones that would match what I have, kind of a downfall if you are in the business of selling them. Oh well least I look put together at times :)

I am not really standing horizontal, I just didn't quite rotate my pic like I thought I did and since I am not into wasting time and energy into getting it right, I will leave it this way for now. Anyway, are you picturing all the brown and pinks, tans etc you have that this will match with?

Yep, did it again. This is one of my favorites as I just bought a white dress with yellow, black, red and green on it and this will go fabulous with it. Can't say the same for the girl in the dress but at least she can accessorize!

My favorite colors, I have so much to wear this with.

2 on this baby. Thought you might get tired of looking at my neck so I save you. This is carnelian (another fav, see why I don't make any money selling jewelry - the key word is selling!) and some brown which goes with everything!

I leave you with this... some pics from Science Museum Star Wars - ya baby - I love Star wars (Nick, not so much :).

One last thing, be sure to head over to splitcoaststampers and the Unity forum to check out the new stamps later!!!
Until another day...

Monday, June 9, 2008

my try at "Idol" and some new bling (for me)

I decided to try out for gallery Idol over at I figured I won't win but I created some cards I wouldn't have otherwise and I can always use those. The theme was friendship, I have some terrific friends that I have in mind for these. So, no harm done by entering. There are some fabulous entries by the way. So many talented people out in this world.

You can view out my entries and the others here - look for the idol gallery.

I have also been creating some cards for fun, ones I didn't quite think would meet the criteria for the contest and ones that I just did. Like I said it is always nice to have some on hand, b/c anyone who knows me knows I am a fly by the seat of my pants, last minute kind of gal at some things in life and when we are flying out the door to a wedding, birthday etc. I can run to my stash and grab a card and look "prepared." The secrets of the inner workings of Kristine. I do have to say I am very anal and organized in some aspects of my life though. I just cover the whole spectrum with my various personalities.

To top it all off, I decided I needed some bling, green of course. Can't wait to make some matching earrings, bracelets etc. and then to go out and paint the town green - I mean red with my wonderful dh and maybe a friend or two.

Have a great week! (more jewelry to come!)

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

GASP!! - double blog day

This is the way I roll, in spurts :) lazy a few days, crazy the next few...

I am just so proud to have gotten my teacher gifts done, since it is the last day and all tomorrow and I only have had these scented thingy's for over 2 weeks. Nothing more pleasing than being done early. yes - that is my attempt at humor, dry and not understood by many.

I love using kraft paper. I picked up a roll of kraft wrapping paper a while ago and use it for everything. It is so easy to spruce up, keep simple, make elegant etc. Also, I seem to have an ample supply of scrap scrapbooking paper around to use for these small projects, so not only am I simple but sensible. These flowers I have been wanting to make for a bit too. I love the alpha ribbon ! I just cut 3 (or 6 since I made 2 flowers) strips of ribbon about the same size (around 6 inches or so). I took each one and brought the ends to meet in the middle, overlapping a bit and sewed together. Then the next one, then the final one but before I brought the needle down through the final one I added a button to it. Tied it in the back and voila! instant original flower.

I wrote on the back of the "A+" a little thank you to the teacher. I hope they like these scented bottles, I love mine and I am so thankful to the teachers of my children. They are most definetly A+'s!!!!

Here is to summer!



My middle son Tyler has a way with words. We recently attended a wedding. He was busy perusing the program when he leaned over to Nick and asked where it says what food we will be eating. We had a little chuckle over that one. We did explain that we will find out when we get to the reception.
On Monday, we were counting down the last days of school and were excited to know that we (myself included as I work at the school with the kids) would be having our last day on Wednesday and be starting our Summer on Thursday. Tyler asked Nick if he gets off on Thursday for the summer too. Nick looked at me, and told Tyler he would let me explain that one. Nick is a phone guy and unfortunately works all year long I was happy to tell Tyler :)

He, like I said, has a way with words...
here are some recent lo's I have done of this word-full child.