Monday, June 9, 2008

my try at "Idol" and some new bling (for me)

I decided to try out for gallery Idol over at I figured I won't win but I created some cards I wouldn't have otherwise and I can always use those. The theme was friendship, I have some terrific friends that I have in mind for these. So, no harm done by entering. There are some fabulous entries by the way. So many talented people out in this world.

You can view out my entries and the others here - look for the idol gallery.

I have also been creating some cards for fun, ones I didn't quite think would meet the criteria for the contest and ones that I just did. Like I said it is always nice to have some on hand, b/c anyone who knows me knows I am a fly by the seat of my pants, last minute kind of gal at some things in life and when we are flying out the door to a wedding, birthday etc. I can run to my stash and grab a card and look "prepared." The secrets of the inner workings of Kristine. I do have to say I am very anal and organized in some aspects of my life though. I just cover the whole spectrum with my various personalities.

To top it all off, I decided I needed some bling, green of course. Can't wait to make some matching earrings, bracelets etc. and then to go out and paint the town green - I mean red with my wonderful dh and maybe a friend or two.

Have a great week! (more jewelry to come!)

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