Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Chunky jewels and paper cake

It has been a while... that will probably be "said" again :).

Anyway, getting ready for my dd's big birthday bash, she is turning 9! Yikes. We have the menu figured out, the invites out, pinata ready, and I finally finished the party favor boxes. She will be packing them with some cheap goodies :). I sound organized but really it is my dd, she is so excited and busy making plans and keeping me on track. Here are some pics of the party favors. They are pieces of cake, if you can't tell, and when all together make one cute round cake. They actually didn't take too long, probably 2 hours once I got the hang of one.

Also, I just ordered some new beads so I was busy creating some new "Chunky" (hence, the title :) ) necklaces. Haven't yet decided if I am keeping them all or selling them :) I usually order beads I like and ones that would match what I have, kind of a downfall if you are in the business of selling them. Oh well least I look put together at times :)

I am not really standing horizontal, I just didn't quite rotate my pic like I thought I did and since I am not into wasting time and energy into getting it right, I will leave it this way for now. Anyway, are you picturing all the brown and pinks, tans etc you have that this will match with?

Yep, did it again. This is one of my favorites as I just bought a white dress with yellow, black, red and green on it and this will go fabulous with it. Can't say the same for the girl in the dress but at least she can accessorize!

My favorite colors, I have so much to wear this with.

2 on this baby. Thought you might get tired of looking at my neck so I save you. This is carnelian (another fav, see why I don't make any money selling jewelry - the key word is selling!) and some brown which goes with everything!

I leave you with this... some pics from Science Museum Star Wars - ya baby - I love Star wars (Nick, not so much :).

One last thing, be sure to head over to splitcoaststampers and the Unity forum to check out the new stamps later!!!
Until another day...

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