Thursday, June 26, 2008


I watched the kids yesterday... just sat and watched, thinking back to "when I was their age"... (I know, I am really sounding older than I am, I have always been so mature ;P)

Anyway, I was thinking back of growing up on a farm, with some close neighbors (about 1 mile away) that we occassionally played with but for the most part we had to entertain ourselves. We only had 1, maybe 2, channels on a clear day on our big TV set on the floor, we did have a sprinkler and a small kiddo pool to cool off in. We had some great imaginations though. Not saying my kids don't have imaginations b/c they really do and they can get along great on some days... but they have a lake to swim in everyday. They have neighbors (that are VERY close) every weekend and some weekdays to play with. They do get more than 1-2 channels but we don't watch much TV in the summer. Some nights to unwind but for the most part it is fairly limited. Our kids have sooo much. I hope we teach them to be grateful and not take it for granted. (without sounding like a broken record :) )


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