Wednesday, May 21, 2008

art = heart

I signed up for an "Artist trading pin" swap. Wasn't sure what it really meant but thought it sounded cool. I was up for a challenge, something to give my heart to... it was fun! I love testing out new ideas and having them (surprisingly) be something I don't mind sending to someone else and won't be embarrassed by. Andrea hosted this fun swap and I am even early in sending them - yikes! Early isn't seen too often in my vocabulary anymore.

Here are the results anyway...

TFL! have a great Memorial Day Weekend! I get to see my dh!!!!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Birth announcement...

Not mine! Our sweet Ms. Butterfly's - she had 5 beautiful little kittens today. The kids love having kittens ( I do too, however, my dh is another story, can you say "not a cat lover??" ) We got to encourage her in between deliveries, making bets about how many kittens there would be. The kids would get a little cautious when Ms Butterfly would start meowing signaling the coming of a little one. My youngest thought that Ms Butterfly was meowing too loudly and hurting his ears so he didn't get to close. None of the kids actually saw the birth, they would just check on her here and there. It was nice excitement, especially with the passing of our dear Mr. Sue, (see previous post). It is so funny, growing up on a farm, I never worried about where and when our cats would deliver. We just thought it was great fun to try and find out where they hid them. Then we would bother them mercilessly. Now, Ms Butterfly will lay down outside our shed door and give birth right there if I don't let her in. I worry about letting her out, stay up odd hours to apease her etc. I always say I will make her find someplace else, but I just can't do it. Although she will be moving to a different place later this week as we are leaving for a few days and I can't leave her in my shed for the weekend. Listen to me ramble about my cat... I think they snuck their way into my heart... :)
(anyone want a kitten ?) :P

Monday, May 19, 2008

scrap much?

With Nick being gone I had visions of late nights, piles of scrap pages completed and much crafting being done... well, it doesn't quite work that way. I have been fighting a mental breakdown instead! :) I like to think of myself as strong, self sufficient etc. but at times as a "single" mom I feel so ... weak. I am wiped by nighttime but stay up to read as that is all I have the energy for and I don't really sleep when Nick is gone. I would rather be scrapping but I can't seem to find the energy to complete that task... however, I have dabbled a little here and there.

I did get a night with my girlfriend to scrap and shop the next day... the scrapping and hanging out with my gf's was awesome, the shopping for clothes for me - not so much. This weight thing is really bearing down on me but that would be another whole long post!

Anyway, here is my first LO, an ode to my dh who is gone at guards.

and of course, our 3 awesome kiddos...

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

crazy, busy ... fun

That is my life right now. With Nick gone for guards, the cat dying, the countdown to the last day of school, work, field trips, deadlines, and orders my life is anything but boring. I try to enjoy each moment and not get caught up in all the things in life that I would also like to get done. Like that Spring cleaning that my house is in desperate need of. I do mean desperate. I am afraid though that once I start I won't stop and then I get crabby at the kids, my self and my parenting skills so I figure, why go there? Just leave it for now. Maybe tackle one thing a day. I vacuumed yesterday and made a bigger mess last night with scrapbook stuff. One step forward - 3 steps back. Kind of like my dieting stategy.

Anyway, to the deadlines. I am also in the middle of creating some new stamps for Unity Stamp Co. which I am always happy to do. It is so exciting to see your ideas come to life in stamps and then to see them being sold. I have so much to thank Angela for at Unity.

Also, to SunSpiritStudios who gave me a chance a couple of years ago and added me to their design team. Andrea is wonderful and gracious. Here is a project that I am working on for her, still in the works. I need to add to the inside but the "bones" of the book are complete.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Farewell Mr Sue...

Today is a very sad day. We unexpectedly have to say goodbye to our beloved cat Mr Sue. We brought him in for a abcess and nasty cut on his neck and planned on seeing him all better tomorrow to bring home. However, we arrived home to a message from the vet clinic to call them. I did, the news wasn't good. I didn't take it like I thought I would. I had more invested emotionally in our cat than I thought. He had leukemia and an infectious disease, they are putting him to sleep tomorrow. I know to some this sounds kind of silly but he was such a wonderful cat and the kids are devastated. They are glad he will be out of pain and we all feel blessed by having him as our cat but the loss is still there. We will open the curtains in the morning expecting him to be waiting impatiently, by his food dish. I will still be waiting for him to surprise the daylights out of me when I am sitting outside - he used to lick toes and he would shock you if you didn't know he was there. Anyway, here's to you Mr Sue. We love you

Sunday, May 4, 2008

here I go...

Today we have 2 young ladies getting confirmed. I was fortunate enough to have them this year for Sunday School and Youth Group also. I am so proud and excited for them. I am also going to sing for them at church today.... WHOA! did I say sing? more like try and sing. Singing has never been my talent or gift. It still isn't. Someone once told me though, "that when we sing we are doing it to give honor and praise to God", not trying to convince our congregation we are the next American Idol success story. So I am hanging on to that thought. I know my voice isn't great, in fact, it is quite off key, but I am still going to do this. The words are great and I know God is no Simon, so He won't be critquing me when I am done singing. Hopefully, He will be smiling down. (maybe holding back a giggle :) )

Here is the card I made for the confirmands...