Tuesday, May 13, 2008

crazy, busy ... fun

That is my life right now. With Nick gone for guards, the cat dying, the countdown to the last day of school, work, field trips, deadlines, and orders my life is anything but boring. I try to enjoy each moment and not get caught up in all the things in life that I would also like to get done. Like that Spring cleaning that my house is in desperate need of. I do mean desperate. I am afraid though that once I start I won't stop and then I get crabby at the kids, my self and my parenting skills so I figure, why go there? Just leave it for now. Maybe tackle one thing a day. I vacuumed yesterday and made a bigger mess last night with scrapbook stuff. One step forward - 3 steps back. Kind of like my dieting stategy.

Anyway, to the deadlines. I am also in the middle of creating some new stamps for Unity Stamp Co. which I am always happy to do. It is so exciting to see your ideas come to life in stamps and then to see them being sold. I have so much to thank Angela for at Unity.

Also, to SunSpiritStudios who gave me a chance a couple of years ago and added me to their design team. Andrea is wonderful and gracious. Here is a project that I am working on for her, still in the works. I need to add to the inside but the "bones" of the book are complete.

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angela magnuson {mag-na-son} said...

I have so much to thank YOU for Kristine! You are creating FABULOUS images....just wait till you see your little animals in ACTION and assembled into a KIT! Brooke and I added words with them and the set is A-DOR-A-BLE!