Sunday, October 30, 2011

back but are you out there yet?

Here I am,

giving this another try.

Can't promise I will be reliable,

I can't promise I won't ever take a leave of absence,

I can't promise the pictures will be top notch (actually, I can promise they won't be),

I can't promise great things.

I only have one thing I can promise anyone and that is if you believe in Jesus Christ as your Savior you will have eternal life, but that is another topic which I am willing to go into any time but for now I am just going to share creations, made by me, talent from God.

I won't include alot of words (not including this post ;) )

I will try to share where I got the idea, supplies etc from if I remember, which I can tell you isn't likely.

Here we go and welcome back (if anyone is there)..

supplies: candy treat bags Stampin Up!; puff pillow boxes, black trim was from a Martha Stewart punch; Stampin Up! punches etc.

until next time...

God Bless - K