Thursday, May 8, 2008

Farewell Mr Sue...

Today is a very sad day. We unexpectedly have to say goodbye to our beloved cat Mr Sue. We brought him in for a abcess and nasty cut on his neck and planned on seeing him all better tomorrow to bring home. However, we arrived home to a message from the vet clinic to call them. I did, the news wasn't good. I didn't take it like I thought I would. I had more invested emotionally in our cat than I thought. He had leukemia and an infectious disease, they are putting him to sleep tomorrow. I know to some this sounds kind of silly but he was such a wonderful cat and the kids are devastated. They are glad he will be out of pain and we all feel blessed by having him as our cat but the loss is still there. We will open the curtains in the morning expecting him to be waiting impatiently, by his food dish. I will still be waiting for him to surprise the daylights out of me when I am sitting outside - he used to lick toes and he would shock you if you didn't know he was there. Anyway, here's to you Mr Sue. We love you

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