Sunday, June 29, 2008

Weekend "work"

I managed to get a few creations done this weekend and some organizing. I felt so lazy though all weekend that I wasn't too inspired or wanting to do much, which somehow makes me feel worse. Can't win being a female with hormones.

I received my new Unity Stamps and decided to try and figure out a way to organize the unmounted ones. A way which will work for me. Meaning, that I will want to play out and stamp with, that can be in my sight but not in my way, and easy to use and put away. We will see how this works. I had a 6x6 album and cut some transparencies to mount my stamps on. I also mounted the stamp sheets on cardstock to add those to the album so I can readily see what I have to work with. The album I kept simple. That was my gameplan all weekend :) Just added an Unity wood tag, ribbon and glitter paint. Easy peasy - thank you very much.
here are my results.

I also did some creations as I mentioned using the new Tiny Trinity and Fantastical Florals set. Fun, fun, fun! but I can't seem to upload them right. They upload rotated around, can anyone help me here? They are correct on my computer but somewhere in between the downloading process things go all amuck! I am so not computer saavy.

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Karen said...

Love your Unity binder idea! Thought I had a solution for my unmounteds and now I think this is more me! TFS And beautiful cards!!