Monday, October 6, 2008

Love and marriage

My dear husband and I went on a date yesterday. We dropped the kids off at the in-laws (I am so blessed with awesome in-laws!!!) and headed to town to catch the latest movie from Sherwood church. If you have never seen their first movie "Facing the Giants" go out and rent it right now. I don't mean to sound pushy - but really - go now, you can read the rest later :)Although the acting isn't 5 stars the message is above and beyond - quite literally. It is a Christian based film and the message is ... (searching for the right word....) just wonderful. Why did I digress to talk about that first movie? Well, because we went to see their second movie, "Fireproof." So on your way to rent "Facing the Giants" stop at the movie theater and watch this first, or second, either way it's all good. Whether your marriage is in peril or honeymoon bliss, this movie is a must have. It is so good to go to a movie without all that "junk" - take that to mean whatever you like. There are so many messages, words of advice, sound advice at that, to take and ponder. That is what I have been doing since viewing it yesterday. For instance, did you know you should study your spouse ? Forever. While your dating you earn your High School diploma with your knowledge of your spouse. Often times, after marriage we quit school though and don't continue to study. However, you should go on to get your Bachelor Degree, on to your Master's and eventually your doctorate degree. How great is that? Plus, who doesn't like to study something (someone) your in love with? That is just one tidbit from the movie, there are many more so I won't go blow the whole thing for you. Plus, it has humor, surprise, love and of course God's message - what so many are lacking these days but so desperately seeking. People are looking all over for their life's purpose, for peace, for joy and so on... they dive into the latest crazes, the latest Oprah's life changing book, when all the while it is right there - in the Bible all dusty on the shelf, the church around the corner or in that friend who's eyes are lit up always because of their faith in Jesus. This movie has Truth in it with a capital T. Watch it, share it and most definetly think about it. The acting isn't 5 star, but man, you get lost in the story. Trust me... go see it.

- K

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