Thursday, March 13, 2008


Lately I have been inspired by just about anything and everything, it must be the spring fever in me. Could be also all the new scrapbook supplies popping up out there too! Some awesome things! I can't wait for Angela's stamps to hit the store. The Unity Stamp Company has some awesome designs, I can't see what more she does throughout the year.

I have been lucky to get some of the ideas swirling around in my head out ... such as my little elephant canvas piece that you see to the right --------->

He/she? isn't quite complete yet... still needs something. I have a few others too I am working on. I am hoping to add some to my etsy shop along with some more jewelry and paper goodies.

I also did make some quickie projects for SunSpiritStudios too which I totally enjoyed. Mostly because they took little thought, time and supplies and I had fun doing them. :) You can see more samples of these here.

Here is one peek:
These are done on watercolor postcards. I thought they would be a great gift...
I am so enjoying this warm weather lately, maybe that is my main reason for my inspired mind - my brain is defrosting finally!

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