Tuesday, September 9, 2008

finding my groove...

School started, projects due, family visiting, and big shows happening. These are a few of the things happening around here. Can you believe I forgot to take pictures the first day of school???? (and the second, third etc.) I have been camera forgetful lately. We went to my MIL's and I forgot to bring it there! I couldn't believe it. My sweet little niece was home along with my niece and nephews little girls and I forgot my camera.

I have to admit I have been struggling a bit with juggling life. I suppose I have been spoiled by being a stay at home mom before I started working at school last Christmas. It didn't seem to affect me too much then though so I didn't think anything of it this fall. I just can't seem to fit in "everything". Part of it is that "everything" is happening or due at once too and the last few weeks before school were hardly what I would consider productive, fun yes :) but not so productive.

I do feel I am slowing, (too slow for my taste) coming into a somewhat of a groove. Plus, I did just get a bunch of new glass pendants waiting to be worked on and hung on some silver chains. That is always an incentive. I did decide not to do to much for a show this weekend but will work on the next... priorites they say. I hate to feel rushed or not give my best because I don't have time. (I know that is more an excuse not to do something than it is the truth ;) ) Like I said there is family visiting and that is important to me. Keeping my kids on a routine schedule is important to me also. I get tired, I can only imagine they do to. Eventually we will all get into this school groove thing - and then it will be Christmas break! ha!

I did get some freezing done, which I love. It is just so satisfying to pull out of the freezer home grown veggies that I froze. Granted, I did grow them but friends did and that is close enough. They just make everything taste so much better.

It is Fall, my favorite season and with that time for some SOUP, one of my favorite things to make. Lately I have been baking up these though to no end. They are awesome! (so is her blog - trust me, you will check it everyday).

Well, it is just about my bedtime so I will leave you with some pictures of some veggies, exciting - not so much but the colors are so wonderful ;) -K

I had to leave you one pic at least of the little blue-eyed sweet pea that has stolen our heart. She was pretty tuckered here and kind of sad since the Vikings lost. She may live in California but her team is the MN Vikings - just ask her mom. (not her dad, he has a different team)

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