Friday, November 27, 2009

10 things I am thankful for...

10. US - really I think I take for granted the blessings of living in the US gives us
9. the lake
8. food
7. home
6. our jobs
5. friends
4. our families
3. my kids
2. my husband
1. God - I wish I could pass this on and let people know what a blessing God is (that is an understatement) but I will just continue planting the seed and letting God do the rest, as a good friend of mine says...

now for a top ten list not so serious...
10. going for walks
9. Erberts and Gerberts the Narmer
8. sales
7. 4 seasons
6. chocolate
5. Survivor - love this show
4. chai tea
3. baseball hats
2. my stretched out, worn out comfy pajama pants
1. my craft supplies

not neccessarily in that order but you get the gist of it..

have a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend...
God bless -K

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