Saturday, January 9, 2010

(stamps: Our Daily Bread)

(Basic Grey paper - favorite!)

(Enjoying the beautiful MN weather, which I love, below zero or
above! it is what MN is all about)

Enjoying the New Year...
I am not one to make goals or resolutions because I am afraid of failure but this year I have a decided to list my goals out here and hopefully complete them. After all, there aren't "goal police" that come around at the end of the year and fine all of those who failed. right??
My 2010 goals:
1. weight - lose a few, keep it off, but mostly quit agonizing about it
2. read the Bible through - entirely - in one year. So far so good (wahoo 10 days! no goal police for me ;))
3. patience... this is a big one for me, along with it comes more encouragement to those I live with. I am actually tough to live with. I have high expectations but could have them with more patience and encouragement. I need to quit letting my personality split like Dr Jekyl and Mr Hyde.
4. Follow through... when I say something I mean. Especially with the kids and discipline. So I also need to watch what I say.
5. Pay more attention to Nick and myself time. We need to go on dates again...
6. Embrace each day, and each moment in each day, the good and the bad because they are all there for a reason.
Here's a start... I don't want it too large, that would be just setting myself up for failure.
God's Blessings - K

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