Sunday, July 27, 2008

first challenge creation

I completed my first "challenge" today. I didn't really like the results as much as I hoped but I had fun doing it. I loved being given a start - something to inspire, colors etc. Often times I just look at my "stuff" move it around a bit or maybe organize, then head back to the computer to see if there is any more inspiration, new items I 'need', or anything to get me away from the overwhelming feeling of my "stuff." Sometimes I need that push to get me going, some thing to set my eyes on - and this challenge did it. I will now be participating in challenges alot. I love having a starting point then going to my stash with a determined attitude, pulling the requisites and letting creativity take over - even if the end result isn't my total favorite at least I am creating.
Here is the result of this challenge:

Off to find me some more challenges... :)-K

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