Monday, July 14, 2008

mission monday

It's a new week, no neighbors, no visitors... don't get me wrong, I like them all, especially family - like seeing our sweet niece Payton, but I don't get much done. The kids run, run, run and get a little cranky, the house gets neglected or maybe too much "attention" i.e. messy. I don't get any product completed for upcoming shows and I get a bit lonely for alone time. Weird but true. I like to have time to myself just as much as I like to hang out with family and friends. I like to have my kids to myself also. We spent some time in the water and after sat on the deck for some great reading time - Star Wars for Tyler and I, Hannah Montana for Mallory, and Walker, well, he kind of hangs around. :)

I am also in need of some major scrapping time...
hopefully coming this week after I work on some signs and jewelry. I have to finish up my box of 2000 photos so I can make room for 2009 photos, I have 8 boxes and they are full for each year... big task, but at least a goal to try and make. Plus, a fun one! The box of 2000 photos is only 1/3 full so I think I can do it... I just need to quit taking so many pics and thinking I need to scrap every one. I need to do some "simple" albums and then more time consuming ones... What do you guys do?

Thanks for stopping by! - K

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