Tuesday, July 29, 2008


I hav a few fears... often times they can seem to control me or at least make my knees shake. Such as water. I live on the lake, I like to ski, like to swim but I am terrified (is that too strong a term?) scared, respectful, of water. There are times when I fall skiing and if I am not picked up in a hurry I can feel a panic attack coming on. Just ask my df Ali from high school how I react when someone teases me when I am in the water and they say there is something behind you - b/c it is what IS in the water, not the water itself. I could be the first victim of a shark attack in a non-salt water lake in the world. It could happen - they always say anything is possible - right? Or how about those big ol' muskies people catch or that weird old, old fish people caught on the Mississippi river so long ago with the huge teeth- it looked like a piranha. YIKES! of course, I hide this fear from my kids b/c I do not want this same fear to hinder them as they grow up.

There are also balloons. I do not like them. The kids love them. Frankly, they scare me too. I don't like when they pop, I don't like blowing them up and I don't even like to touch them. I blame this on my sisters birthday party growing up when one of the games was to sit on a balloon to pop it. I had just a seed of this fear starting but after being chased by a balloon and having them threaten me with popping it on me - that seed sprouted, let me tell you.

I also have a fear of small places, this I blame on my brother who always made us wrestle and would cover my face and think it funny. (He is a great guy, as is my sister - I guess I just have some issues to deal with :) ) I worked with my dh in the crawl space last night and could start to feel some anxiety if we were down there too long but thankfully, I also have faith in God who is so good at giving me peace and comfort.

Finally, I think my fear that has grown as I have and with the addition of the responsibility of the safety of kids and lack of a basement, is my fear of thunderstorms. I know they are awesome and amazing and also totally terrifying for me (this time that term works perfectly!). We had quite the storm last night. Thankfully Nick was home that usually gives me some comfort and keeps me from freaking out. It was crazy though, the wind was so fierce. We woke up to part of our tree down in our yard. Thankfully, it landed away from our house. Neighbors had trees down, electricity was out for over 7 hours, another neighbor had a boat flip over and their lift thrown. Again, though I have to thank my lucky stars that I have a God watching out and everyone is safe.

Here is what I looked like last night though:


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Trish Lensing said...

LOL, (I love your picture of the chicken)>

It always just amazes me on what all you write. YOu should write your own book, pretty cool! I always go everyday and read what all you have to say.