Tuesday, August 5, 2008

He said, "I love you" first...

That is what my kids learned today about their dad. We sat and talked, or rather they sat, I talked about when I was dating their dad, when they were born, how when I had Mallory I decided being a mom was alot tougher than I first thought... they could have had me go on and on and on... wow, I don't think I have ever had an audience as captive as they were today. They listened for at least an hour about Nick and I, them etc. Pretty fun.

I finally created something today... one card. Hey, it's a start. I get these juices flowing, then look up after my attention has been soley on my work and realize I have to stop. now. right now and get supper started, then on to Vacation Bible School. Pop! Fizz! there goes my flow I just got going... oh well, maybe later.

I thought I would share a pic of my copics too and how they look so pretty sitting in front of me. I figure maybe they will make me want to stamp and color and scrap and create... or just keep looking at them and my color chart hanging above them (aren't I organized? :) and the empty places that need more colors :) ( I know, too many "ands" but that is the way I am rolling, remember supper? I still need to get to it so grammar is out the door, sorry)

all right, all right, my kids are hungry, Nick is due home soon and I am still sitting in yuck clothes and need to be a bit more presentable before VBS in 30 minutes - wait a sec! 30 minutes ! oh boy! gotta go.... K

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Brooke said...

kristine.. your card is GORGEOUS! i love it!!! great job! and i'm soooo jealous of your copics. i have ZERO. i can't color a thing! how lame. i need to get me some!!!