Thursday, August 7, 2008

first sketch

I did it... I created my first sketch. Was I supposed to create the card first? Well, that is what I did. Backwards, yes I am. (kind of Yoda-ish talk, if you aren't a Star Wars fan you won't get it)
Anyway, I used some awesome SunSpirit embellishments to create an ATC, then used that card as a focal point on a card. Here are the results:

(products: SSS ATCs and copper circles, souffle pen, colored pencils, white stamping ink, SSS "many Thanks" stamp, fiskars edge scissors, provo craft paper, beads and art warehouse graphic flowers stamps)

Notice the cool copper circles with the beads? Those are the embellishments I am talking about.

From this card, I had an idea. Brace yourselves... these can cause trouble sometimes. However, in this case you should feel fairly secure. My idea was to sketch this card, then create a scrapbook page using the same idea. You can see the results of that here.

FYI last nights Vacation Bible School program was a hit. The kids did awesome. We sang, prayed, ate and played. Great combination. Here is my contribution to the hotdog roast/potluck. By the way, is it backwards to say that potluck is my favorite meal. Is that even grammatically correct? Well, we know where I stand on grammar. So if anyone cares, potluck is my favorite meal, however, backwards that may seem or sound. Thank you , thank you very much.

Ah shoot! Did you notice the time? Supper again... did I mention cereal is my second favorite meal? (I hope my family feels the same)

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