Wednesday, August 13, 2008

missing in action

so where have I been? not that I have been missed ;) we have been busy doing more on the house to get ready for our addition this fall. After spending several weeks under the house we have now moved to the back of the house. See where I once had a wall? We took out a patio door and are putting in a door and a window along with beefing up the wall too for when we add on the second story addition. exciting but alot of work. Plus, I sometimes have a hard time working with my dh. I like to think I know everything, plus I am a wuss! So I am learning to be quiet and help out with what Nick asks... all the while keeping my wussy thoughts to myself. I am thankful we have a good friend who helps Nick out alot. Sometimes Nick forgets I am not as strong as he is. I mean, I can lift a couple kids, bags, groceries etc all in one load but carpentry stuff? Not so much.

Also, we have been busy with wrestling camp this week too. Only 2 nights and then the third (tonight) we had a BBQ at the coaches. The kids had a blast and I have to say I had fun chatting with the other parents. It is always fun to get to know the parents more and know who your kid's friends come from. This is a pic of Walker who happened to open a scab - the coach wrapped his head in tape.

Walker looked pretty tough wrestling with this around his head. Tyler convinced him on the way home, however, that his hair was going to come off when we took the tape off. Walker was pretty worried, I reassured him though. That is until Nick started taking the tape off and exclaiming, "oh no, your hair is missing!" It all worked out though, the hair is still there, in fact it needs a trim...

I will have some more posts this weekend as I have been busy working on my "2000" pictures for scrapping to empty out the box. I think I have over 15 Lo's done! Yeah - when I finish my 2000 pics I will only be 8 years behind. :P (gotta look at the bright side!)

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