Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Tuesday Tutorial

Here is a bad example of photography and a first attempt at a tutorial... enjoy :)

To make the flower on yesterday's card is simply tearing and taping:

Step 1: tear about a 1 inch strip off a 12 x 12 piece of cardstock

When finished you will have one rough, torn side and one straight side.

Step 2: start folding the strip in "pleats", making sure to form it into a circle as you go with the rough, torn side on the outside of the flower (not in the center)

When you have folded it completely it should resemble this picture here...

Step 3: Open up your folded flower

Step 4: place adhesive on the inside of the strip, not the torn side. All the way along the paper.

Step 5: refold your flower, this time it should just kind of fall into place as you have already made the creases and folds and the adhesive will hold it all together.

Step 6: you could just add a brad or button at this time but I tore a small circle to use as part of the center of my flower and adhered with more adhesive. Pretty intelligent I know :)

Step 7: Use a sharp tool, this is from Stampin Up! to make holes to attach a button with, or if you like a brad.

Step 8: Use some embroidery floss or thread to attach the button, sewing all the way through will aid in keeping the flower together also.

Here is the finished product.

You could also tear petal shaped paper and adhere together and add button to top also... I love making flowers and it is great to be able to choose and mix colors according to your project.

Hope you enjoyed this attempt of a tutorial and bad photography... who knows there may be more some day!

Blessings- K

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