Thursday, September 9, 2010

fashion, boys and no idea

I have 2 boys. 2. One is 10 and one is 6. The 10 year old can pick up clothes off the floor that he has been wearing for the last decade and put them on without a thought about it. I pull out the 10 year old's drawers to clean and discard too small shirts and find the top totally messy but underneath the mess of the top 2-3 shirts are the same, neat pile of folded shirts that I put there the last time I went through his drawers. The 10 year old prefers dirty, ripped jeans and dirty white t-shirts... only because he doesn't care if they are clean or not. Actually, I don't think that he doesn't care he just doesn't think about it. This same 10 year, last year at winter, told me he needed new boots, exciting his mom, whom he has never told he needed anything new before, of the clothes nature anyway. His mom, (me), not wanting to show too much excitement for fear of scaring him, says to show her the boots to see if indeed, he really needed a new pair. He proceeds to show his mother a pair of boots with holes in the back, sides and fronts by the toes, not to mention ripped all over. (she had been getting angry with him about dirty socks before this point). Said mom was mortified as she works at the school were he goes and wondered, (worried) what the teachers and paras thought about her mothering skills. She went right out and bought the 10 year old boy new boots. Albeit, on sale of course :)
What about the 6 year old you ask? The six year is a picky, stubborn, knows what he wants to wear boy. I would call him a fashion conscience boy but he has yet to learn that just because it has a white stripe on it that it doesn't go with something that has a white dot on it. We fight, I mean, debate almost daily about what he is going to wear. It isn't that he has to have name brand clothes, or look like the kids in magazines as he mostly likes to wear warm up pants and athletic shirts it is just that he is so the opposite of my other boy who gladly let me pick out clothes for him until I made him start doing it. I got tired of having to pick out clothes every morning for my 10 year old and decided he was old enough to do it... I wished he would care about what he was wearing.

Motto: be careful what you wish for

Blessings! -K

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