Wednesday, September 1, 2010

wonderful wednesday

Why the need to post a title with the same letter as the day? I don't know, maybe I am brushing up on my english skills and practicing alliterations for the upcoming school year. There are alot of things that I do that don't make sense... ask my husband :). Sometimes posting becomes rambling as you just think and type where when you talk it is usually filtered... anyway, I am digressing... I just have a quick post today ... first, a view of our front yard, it was ethereal this morning... beautiful, still, quiet, cool, perfect time for my morning bible reading.

Second, a card I made for our Church stamping group... I had to come up with something for teen birthdays... I always go back to stars. Stars and fish... my favorites, but not starfish. I think I should have titled today's post, "wacky wednesday"

Blessings K

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