Tuesday, September 7, 2010

School Organizer

I know I have shown this before here but thought it warranted another visit as school is starting and the papers will be downpouring once again like the rain we have had this summer! This has really worked for me and I love being able to look in the kids backpacks, sift through the papers I need to look at and then, well, make 2 piles. To keep and to discard and let's face it the discard pile is quite a big larger but the keep pile can be put away right away, no lost papers, or roughed up papers, they can be filed away asap. All you need is an accordion file folder and some time. If not time then just the file folder for now. I have only my youngests completely done, my oldest half-way done and my middle child's, my poor middle child's, not done at all. But it is on my "to-do" list!

back front

middle child's oldest child's
supplies: accordion file folder with 12 tabs for each grade level (k-12); I used red tape for adhereing paper; unity stamps used on my youngest child's completed folder; basic grey paper used on my oldest child's half completed folder; your choice of scrap book paper! I used a school kit from Autumn Leaves I believe for my youngest and it came with tags, ribbon etc. this works well so you have everything to embellish with and it all matches!
Have a great school year! Blessings -K

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