Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I have class...

beading class that is. I get to teach some sweet girls some beading today. We are making 3 simple bracelets since the age range is somewhat wide. Not quite sure on how I will do it yet but I have 8 hours to figure it out :) Do I design all 3 bracelets and make them copy them? Do I design one to get them going and let them design the rest? If so, then how do I distribute the beads etc. I am leaning on the last one but trying to figure out if I should have the beads all handed out beforehand or let them come and pick them out... such major dilemmas! Like I said though, it should be fun.
Also, I am in the process of being persuaded to teach a scarf class. I have been making these scarves for a few years but recently I guess they are the craze, I am just so ahead of the times, ha ha ha. Anyway, we will see... like I mentioned yesterday, life is already busy. I need to learn to say no sometimes.

blessings! - K

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