Thursday, September 2, 2010

Thrifty Thursday

I do alot of shopping online, I think it started with having 3 kids that go everywhere with me and the convenience of not going anywhere but to the computer. I find lots of deals and good bargains and make sure to get free shipping. However, there are a few times where what I ordered didn't quite pan out the way I hoped. You know when you look at something and think how good it looks on the model and think I could look that good but forget your measurements are quite different than the 16 year old model? I ordered a white dress that was darling but not roomy enough in the chest area... I had an gray t-shirt that hadn't really stood the test of time and I put them together... it is still hanging in my work area though since I need something else... I am thinking something around the waist... it will come to me or the dress will become a skirt or something. That leads me to look around the rest of my work area and see other "unfinished" items... often times I work on things and it isn't going so smoothly or I am interrupted and lose the flow I might have had before so the item(s) sit until I look at them and creativity hits (or I hope it does!)
Not sure I want to add anything to this...maybe a quote or bible verse
another painted piece, I love the colors some beads waiting to be made into jewelry...
Have a blessed day! - K

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Tanis said...

Gorgeous stuff :)
I love the heart painting loads.