Saturday, October 9, 2010

all creatures great and small...

I know God is the creator of all things great and small but right now I am struggling with His small creation(s). I opened my glove box and saw a little nest. Eek, a mouse nest! We had one in there 2 years ago but haven't since so periodically I will open the glove box and let out a sigh of relief, this time though there was no sigh only a silent aHHHH!!! and then the feeling of mice crawling all over. I do have to say I have never actually seen one in the car - alive ;) but once you know they are there you imagine them crawling up your pant's legs, peeping out of the vents, running across your toes in your sandals etc. I should never peek in the glove box while driving because then you have that feeling the whole way home and boy, can that feel like forever! I did have some traps in the trunk with the wheel and found a dead one there so I am hoping that is all... it only happens when I park the car by the woods. Even if only for 1 day. I have that car booby trapped now though. If one gets in, I will get it.

God, I thank you for all your creativity but I may be talking to you about this one when I see you face to face...

blessings - K
ps better the car than the house!

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