Friday, October 15, 2010

plans for scrapping...

Here is what I am currently working on...
viking training camp scrapbook of the boys and Nick this summer
and also what I hope to be working on this weekend. You never know though, what the weekend has in store :) hopefully, some scrapping time. I have been meaning to do this album for the boys before school started, I don't know about you, but since school started I haven't gotten a darn thing done! This weekend promises to be slow, non-active, peaceful and perfect for some creative time. Life always seems to throw in a few spontaneous moments that were not in my plan. What to do? God gave me a husband that is kind of like that so I have, over the years learned to "roll with it" more often than not... it takes a while, and some days are definelty easier than others but you can either smile or frown, laugh or cry, roll with it or have a breakdown. Rolling is more fun.

Have a blessed weekend! - K

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